PT&T SMS Gateway

Reaching your customers has never been easier and cheaper with our comprehensive, affordable SMS service. Managed by us according to your liking.


Paper-based process is very costly, time-consuming, and unsecure. An Average Enterprise spends a total of 1.7 Million pesos annually to print, copy, and store a document. And because of COVID, companies need to digitize transactions and paper trail. This is an opportunity for companies to generate savings rather than cost.

PT&T offers a complete suite of document management services that would help companies save up to 1.7 Million a year.


— Digitization Services

Digitize any type of paper record or other media to your specific output requirement

— Document Management Software

Securely manage all your documents and automate document approval processes

— End-to-end guidance from PT&T Experts

We don’t just provide scanning or hardware. We guide you through implementation, integration, and customization